Automatic Concurrency

MIOedge has patented and patent-pending technologies to automatically distribute processing and database queries. Any code you write, whether application logic or database query, is simple with no reference to parallelism or concurrency. MIOedge does the hard work of taking that code and figuring out how to distribute and concurrently execute. MIOedge will automatically use as many Slices as allocated to your application container.

eREST: Enterprise REST Services

We've taken the flexibility of RESTful APIs and added SecureURL technology to create enterprise grade REST-like API support. SecureURLs make sure the types of interactions being performed are never exposed through a URL, and that every single REST function available is limited in scope to a user's security context. Because eREST services, like our SOAP services, are model driven, you can expose any data or function in your model as a service. It's fundamentally a different approach to delivery services.

Continuous Data Integration

With MIOedge, data mapping, parsing, cleansing, ETL, integration, consolidation, reporting, scaling, backup, replication, and more are all baked-in, graphical, and integrated with your application. Fuzzy matching and conflict resolution rules define how data will be matched and conflicts resolved. MIOedge even supports transitive matching, so you can automatically bring indirectly related data about the same entity together. Most importantly, all this can happen on the fly, so your application can stay up to date with source of record systems.

MIOdb: The Context Database

Our own non-relational technology, MIOdb is a Context Database that’s transaction safe, and even co-transaction safe so it can interact with mission critical systems. Instead of making you denormalize, it uses relationships that automatically push related data. In-memory context caching technology delivers the performance of in-memory databases in a disk-persistent transactional database. It's distributed and massively scalable, and has proven rock-solid for very large enterprises.

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A Single, Unified Object Model

There's only one model to create, maintain, and understand. In MIOedge, you define a single object model representing your entire database, application, web presentation, and API functionality.

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